Saturday, 26 September 2009


I've been a bad blogger. I've neglected my website and totally neglected my blog, which is a shame because I've had so many millions of things that I've intended to blog about (although I always doubt that anyone is reading so it shrinks down the priority list sometimes). Some things I jotted down a few thoughts about, planning to post something that evening, but work has dominated everything. I've managed to get to the theatre and some other events in an effort to refrain from working all the time, and definitely wanted to blog about those, but everything is a stack of neglected notes. And the people who have contacted me in various forms via this blog, Twitter and the website have been horribly neglected. I'm so sorry, and I'm aiming to improve. Must Try Harder.

For now, I shall upload a few of the things that perhaps were not quite so time-sensitive, for what they are worth. Slowly, as several things need to be retrieved from scribbled scattered notes and pieced together properly through my dense memory. But one day I will get a grip and devote more time to these things! Thanks for your patience.....

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