Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Recycle Your Cards for the Woodland Trust

I have loads to mention but have had no time recently, so for now I will just refer to a good cause.....

Please do not just throw out your Christmas cards, or even put them in your Council's wastepaper recycling scheme. The Woodland Trust always runs a special Christmas card recycling scheme this time of year, and your cards will end up doing much more good if you recycle them that way.

Just take them with you to WH Smith, Marks & Spencer's, Tesco or TK Maxx, where they all have a special cardboard bin for them. The bins will remain there until 31 January. Your cards will act like donations to help the Trust create 'the largest new native forest in England', Heartwood Forest, or enable the Trust, who will recycle your cards, to plant thousands of trees in four other UK sites, such as Low Burnhall and Cefn Ila.

It's a wonderful scheme, and such an easy gesture to accomplish so much. Go to
http://www.woodland-trust.org.uk/cards/ to read more (or to watch a message in support of the campaign from Clive Anderson wearing a Santa hat).

Alternatively, if there are a few cards that you find really pretty and can't bear to part with yet, but might manage it in another year, you could recycle in the style of my Grandmother, who has always saved the fronts of cards and used them as gift cards the following year, taping the main part of the card to the top of a gift and scribbling on it the gift recipient's name and her signature. Thrifty, but it doesn't plant trees.

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